Customers who are genuinely intent on purchasing a tennis racket from us Today are welcome to try out a number of rackets on our new large tennis return net.

All manufactures recommend players use a smaller grip size than in the past in order to obtain maximum control. Overgrips can be used to increase the grip by approximately half a size.

New Exciting model - Far more forgiving - Ideal For the better club player


Head Radical XT MP

Head Size: 98sq"

Weight: 295g

Grip Sizes: Sold Out!


A versitile Racket that gives you the pefect combination of power and control - Better playability & spin




Our Price £148

 Head Speed MP 


Head Size: 100 Sq

Weight: 300g

Grip Sizes: 2 only 


Versitile racket that gives you the right combination of spin and power necessary


SSP: £190


Our price:152


New Head Instict graphene Touch MP


Headsize: 100sq"
Unstrung Weight: 300
Length: 27"
Construction: Youtek Graphene

String pattern: 16x19
Strung in: Hawk 17

Grip 2 and 3 Only


SRP: £155

Our Price: £124


New Head Instinct Graphene Touch 'PWR' 

Headsize: 115sq"
Unstrung Weight: 230g
Length: 27.6"
Beam: 29mm
Construction: Youtek Graphene

String pattern: 16x19
Strung in: PWR Fusion

Grip 1, 2 and 3 available


SRP £150

Our Price £120 


Ideal Racket for players who no longer have the power!


Very light, well balanced and great power.

New Head Instict graphene Touch Lite


Headsize: 107sq"
Unstrung Weight: 270
Length: 27"
Construction: Youtek Graphene

String pattern: 16x19
Strung in: Hawk 17

Grip 3 Only Sold Out!


SRP: £130

Our Price: £110


Items are delivered daily and will be added online as soon possible. Please check the website regularly for new additions.

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Now 3 Ways to Buy!!!

1. visit us                 2. Mail Order        3. Call & Collect

1. Come and visit us our Sports store at Coolham  and recieve a  10% discount off all items. 

Plus 15% & 20% off English willow Bats  &  Graphite Tennis Rackets. 

50% off  "Special  Purchase"  Squash Rackets *


2. Mail Order - Pay over the phone and we will send your item  (minimum order of £9.99 - free delivery on orders over £50)


3. Call and Collect - Phone us, reserve and pay for your item  & collect at your convenience. Receive a minimum of 10% discount using this service.*


 *Discount does not apply to Items already on Special offers.


Hope you find time to visit our Traditional Sports Store.

We are Unable to open on Sundays & Bank Holidays due to Planning restrictions

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